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Mary Katherine Campbell
Columbus, Ohio

In 1923, Mary Katherine Campbell returned to defend her title against a field of "Inter-City Beauties" that had grown in number from 57 in 1922, to 74 women from 36 states. Mary Katherine is the only Miss America to win the title twice.

"It is a tremendous surprise to me," she said at the time, "As a matter of fact I was really rooting for one of the other girls to win."

Joseph Cummings Chase, one of the judges said, "Miss Campbell is possessed of great vivacity and an inherent shyness that constitute a wonderful combination. She is typically American and altogether an ideal type. Her forebearers for ten generations have been American born."

Mary Katherine received offers from three movies, two musical comedies, a circus, and vaudeville. She was even approached by Flo Ziegfeld to join the famous "Follies," but her mother wouldn't hear of it. Mary Katherine was allowed to sing "My Buddy" on the Keith Circuit for several weeks, but, "You couldn't hear me past the third row," she explained.

She later returned to school and cared for her mother. She married Frederick Townley, a DuPont executive, and lived a quiet life until her death in 1990.

  Mary Katherine Campbell ,Miss America 1923
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