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Marilyn Buferd
Los Angeles, California

Marilyn Buferd was a UCLA co-ed and Miss California when she took the Miss America title in September 1946.

Marilyn used her scholarship money to study languages at the University of Berlitz in Rome. She soon became employed modeling prototype bikinis on the runways of Paris, then moved to Italy where she appeared in numerous Italian films with famous directors like Roberto Rossellini and Oscar winner Pietro Germi.

In 1951, Marilyn married Franco Barbaro, a former submarine commander under Mussolini. Later that year, back in Santa Monica, she gave birth to her only child - future Austin Chronicle publisher Nick Barbaro. Divorced soon after, Marilyn returned to California, where she raised her son while appearing in films and TV shows. Later married to plumbing magnate Milton Stevens, Marilyn supplied critical financial backing to the respected Austin Chronicle in the early years.

In 1988, widowed, Marilyn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and moved to Austin, Texas to live with Nick and his wife Susan.

Marilyn Buferd Stevens, died in Austin in March 1990. In addition to Nick, Marilyn is survived by daughter-in-law Susan Emerson Moffat, and grandson Zeke.

  Marilyn Buferd, Miss America 1946
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