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Ericka Dunlap
Miss America 2004

During her year of service, Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap traveled extensively addressing audiences to increase awareness and promote the importance of understanding and appreciating different cultures and customs in our society. Through her platform, “United We Stand. Divided We Fall Behind: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion,” Ericka educated people of all ages to celebrate diversity and eliminate generational ignorance and intolerance of predisposed notions about other cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles.

As a result of her commitment, Ericka directed the Miss America spotlight towards adults and children, businesses and schools, to encourage the proliferation of the many different beliefs, backgrounds and philosophies that make up the American Dream.

Ericka is an aspiring country music artist and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Brian.

  Ericka performs 'If I Could' during
final competition

Ericka performs 'If I Could' during
final competition
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