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Application Procedures – Academy of Honor – 2008

The Award

The Academy of Honor was established in 1996 to honor volunteers in the Miss America field who have provided outstanding service to the Miss America Organization at the State and/or Local pageant level. One volunteer is named annually. Applications not chosen will be returned. Previous applicants may re-submit the following year with updated materials.

Previous recipients include:

Tom Hensley (TN) 1996
Bob Wheeler (AR) 1997
Meg Geraghty (NH) 1998
Larry Webber (MO) 1999
Joe Sanders III (SC) 2000
Bob Arnhym (CA) 2001
Theresa Beauchamp (CT) 2002
Charles Welch (OK) 2003
Gail Sanders (SC) 2004
Bruce Robert (MA) 2006

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible volunteers are those who have served 30 years or more within the Miss America system on the state or local level and have a demonstrable record of success and accomplishment .The Selection Committee will take into account the nominee’s length of service, contributions to the Local and/or State program and service on the Board as a member or Officer. Self nominations are acceptable.


The winner will be recognized during pageant week at a general meeting to be held in Atlantic City.


To receive full consideration the nominee’s portfolio must contain all of the following:

Note: This statement will be incorporated into the press release for the winner.

Disbursement of Funds

This award will be held in trust at MAO for the scholarship recipients of your pageant and disbursed per the scholarship rules and regulations of the National Office but forfeit by the rules and regulations of your state. All requests submitted to the Miss America Organization Scholarship Department must be authorized by a state representative in order to be paid.

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