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Allman Medical Scholarships

Funded by DR. & MRS. DAVID B. ALLMAN

History of the Award

Dr. David B. Allman was a past president of the Miss America Pageant and the American Medical Association. In memory of her husband, Mrs. Allman, during her lifetime, established a scholarship foundation to be administered by the Miss America Organization for the grant of scholarships to Miss America Pageant contestants who wished to enter the field of medicine to become medical doctors. At her death in 1981, Mrs. Allman further funded this foundation so that young women involved in the Pageant system could take advantage of this opportunity to further or commence their education in the medical field. Since 1974, Allman Scholarships have been granted to various Miss America contestants at the National, State and Local level.

Guidelines for Grant

Allman Scholarships will be granted annually, if there are qualified applicants, to those women in the Miss America Pageant system who meet the requirements for grant of scholarships. This scholarship is available to women who have competed within the system on the state, local or national level from 1998 to present regardless of whether a title was won. The committee members will review all applications for scholarships and will award one or more scholarships per year depending upon the qualifications of applicants.

A new application must be submitted each year and previous applicants may apply.

Applicants will be considered for the award based upon a combination of factors including, but not limited to, grade point average (high school and college/university), class rank, MCAT score, extra curricular activities, and financial aid requirements, household income and level of participation within the system.


Please submit completed applications for the Dr. and Mrs. David B. Allman Scholarships to:

The Miss America Organization
PO BOX 1919
Atlantic City, NJ 08404-1919
Attention: Scholarship Department

Applications must be received by June 30th in order to be given favorable consideration. Please make sure you have all your information before you apply. We will not accept an incomplete application under any circumstances. Applications received after June 30th deadline will be rejected, and a new application must be submitted after January 1st of the following year.

Applicants will be notified prior to August 31st whether they have been selected as a scholarship recipient. Scholarship winners will receive a letter in regards to potential tax implications of this award. Scholarship winners are encouraged to discuss inclusion of the scholarship in their income with their tax advisor.

Disbursement of funds will follow the Scholarship Rules & Regulations of the Miss America Organization.

Further questions

Feel free to call the Miss America Organization Scholarship Department at (609) 653-8700 if you have questions or you wish to receive an application

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