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Charles & Theresa Brown Scholarships

History of the Award

The Charles and Theresa Brown Scholarship Trust Fund was established in 1992. The will of Ervin Brown directed that a trust fund be created for the purpose of awarding ten $2,500 scholarships annually to specific contestants who compete in the national finals of the Miss America Pageant.


The trust fund is governed by the National City Trust of Columbus, Ohio. See the following page for Trust address.

Eligibility Requirements

Criteria established by the trust fund provides awards of $2,500 to the following each year: Miss America, the four runners-up, Miss Alaska, Miss Hawaii, Miss Illinois and Miss Ohio. Other state representatives may become eligible based on the criteria below.

Criteria/Disbursement of Funds

The ten recipients are interviewed by the Trust Group the week following the finals of the Miss America Pageant to determine whether they intend to use the scholarships within two years from the date of the finals. If it is determined that any of the recipients do not intend to use the scholarship within a 2-year period the scholarship will be forfeited. It will be awarded for that year only, to the contestant next in line alphabetically by state, after the states whose representatives have been awarded scholarships that year have been excluded from the list.

Those recipients initially named may be eligible for two scholarships for a total of $5,000, such as if Miss Alaska, Miss Hawaii, Miss Illinois or Miss Ohio are also named to a Top Five Finalist position. However, an alternative recipient will be eligible for only one award of $2,500.

Notification of Recipients

Those named recipients will be notified of their award by the Trustee.

Use of Funds

Recipients will have two years from the date of the national finals in which they competed to apply for and receive funds.

These scholarship funds may be used for graduate and postgraduate programs, non-degree programs such as voice, dancing, or acting training, vocational training, as well as undergraduate degree programs. The trust will pay scholarship funds directly to those educational institutions which maintain a full-time faculty, have a published curriculum, and award a degree or certificate of completion which is recognized by the state in which the institution is located. A contestant should notify the trustee in writing that she is enrolling in a specific institution and that she has directed the financial office to send all invoices directly to the trustee. If the contestant wishes to pay the expenses herself, she may then submit proof of payment to the trustee and she will be reimbursed for those costs. These expenses may include tuition, books and lab fees. Room and board will only be reimbursed if the recipient is enrolled as a full time student and is living in campus housing.

Payment for private lessons or other career enhancement programs will be made as reimbursement to the contestant providing that approval for such payment has been given in advance by the trustee. Contestants should submit supportive materials in advance when requesting payment for these expenses. These materials must include, but are not limited to, the resume of the private teacher and any brochures detailing the scope and content of career programs.

Unused Funds

All unused scholarships will revert to the trust for the use of future contestants according to the above guidelines.

Contact Information

All requests for payment of the Ervin Brown Scholarships will be directed to the trustee as follows:

Charles E. Wigton, III
Vice President
National City Trust
Trust Group
155 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43251-0050
(614) 463-7241

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