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Scholarship Directory

The purpose of this directory is to provide an overview of all awards offered by the Miss America Organization on the national level. Individual, state and local programs also provide scholarships to participants, and reference should be made to the individual programs concerning these awards. Important information herein is provided about each national award, which should answer most questions concerning governance, eligibility, requirements for submission, deadlines, award values, disbursement of funds, and where relevant, history and background.

The Miss America Organization strives to assure that all scholarship monies won by students are allocated for expenses relative to education. Students wishing extensions or exceptions to standard governing policies often have an opportunity to present their situation to the Miss America Scholarship Committee for consideration.

Continuance of each award will be determined on a year-to-year basis, and each will be offered in whole, or in part, or not offered, within the complete discretion of the Miss America Organization. Decisions regarding continuance are based on many factors, including but not limited to financial and annual priorities.

Our organization provides scholarships to young women competing on the National, State and Local level of competition as well as several highly specific focus groups.

If you are a student and still have a question after referring to the information herein, you may contact the Miss America Scholarship Department at 609-344-1800 ext 127.

Scholarships Awarded directly to Miss America Contestants

National Grants & Awards offered through State & Local Miss America programs

* Available to women who do not necessarily compete at the national level.



1) Scholarship Usage:

Scholarship funds may be applied to tuition, textbooks, supplies, academic fees and other appropriate educational expenses.  All unusual or questionable items of expense must be referred to the Community Foundation's Selection Committee with as much information as possible and far enough in advance for consideration of approval.  Amounts received as scholarship payments are taxable income to the extent that they exceed “Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses”.

Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses include tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance of a student at an educational organization, including fees, books, supplies and equipment required of all students in the particular course of instruction.

Payment of all approved expenditures will be made directly to the college, university or other accredited institution unless extenuating circumstances exist.  In such cases a letter of explanation accompanied by paid receipts and/or copies of canceled checks will be required which qualify the expense for reimbursement to the payer or scholarship contestant.

2) Requesting Usage:

Requests for scholarships are initially processed by the Miss America Organization and forwarded to the Community Foundation for its review and approval upon written receipt of statements from colleges and schools or from the contestant for other educational expenses. All statements and invoices must be accompanied by a cover letter from the contestant.

Requests for computer or musical equipment will be recommended only if the college or school states in writing that it is mandatory requirement in order for the contestant to complete the coursework. The contestant may be reimbursed for this expense provided the contestant submits either a letter from the school stating the mandatory requirements or a list of course requirements. There will however, be a $2,000 cap on computer equipment, and this type of expense will be reimbursed only once. Computer software is not a reimbursable item. If a contestant still has state or local funds available to her, a letter from the State Executive Director that they do not reimburse or pay for computers is required. The original bill of sale must be submitted as well as the original credit card receipt or a copy of the canceled check

3) Reimbursement Guidelines:

Reimbursements for room and board will generally be made to the educational institution and such requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation from the educational institution evidencing the charges for same. If the contestant has already made payment for this expense to the educational institution, reimbursement may be made with the appropriate documentation. Contestants must maintain at least 12 credit hours as a full-time student, 9 credit hours part-time status and 9 credit hours for graduate in order to qualify. Reimbursements do not cover key fees or deposits. Utilities (electric, gas, cable, phone, etc.) are also not covered.

It is each contestant’s obligation to determine whether the scholarship, in whole or part, is includable in gross taxable income, regardless of whether a Form 1099 has been issued by either The Community Foundation or Miss America Organization. Contestants are encouraged to consult a tax advisor regarding the taxability of the scholarship payments.

4) Priority of Level In Usage:

Contestants receiving scholarships at the national level must use the scholarship won at the state and local level prior to applying for funds at the national level. Verification must be submitted in writing from the State Executive Director that all state scholarship funds have been exhausted. Outside of a request for computer equipment as discussed in Item 2, exceptions to this rule may be granted for payment of college or university room and board which do not fall within the guidelines for disbursement at the local or state level. The request for an exception must be submitted in writing to Scholarship Committee for consideration.

5) Student Loans

Scholarships may be used for outstanding student loan obligations provided the contestant has satisfactorily completed the coursework for which the loan was obtained. In all cases, requests must include a current bill from the lender showing a current address, a copy of the promissory note showing that the contestant is either the primary or secondary payer of the obligation, and an official transcript showing completion of the coursework.

6) Usage for Future Expenses and Forfeitures

Scholarships may be used for future educational expenses, provided, however, contestants must begin use of their scholarships within four (4) years of the date of the award (five years allotted for Miss America herself.). If a contestant has not submitted a request to the Miss America Organization for her scholarship award dollars during this period, her right to request funds will be forfeited. If a contestant forfeits any money from her scholarship award at the state or local level, her award at the national level will automatically be forfeited.

6A)A contestant who begins use of her scholarship within the designated time above will then be required to show continuous activity in her scholarship endeavors up to a limit of ten (10) years following the date of her award. If there occurs a continuous, uninterrupted two (2) year period in which there is no activity in an account, then the balance of that account will be forfeited. Any balance remaining in a contestant’s award ten (10) years following the date of the award will automatically be forfeited.

6B) An exception to the time limits described in Paragraph 6A above may be made if the contestant, prior to the expiration date, makes a written appeal to the Miss America Organization citing compelling reasons why the time period should be extended. An extension will generally be permitted when the contestant has had state and local award within the prescribed time limits above. However, the contestants must still send a written request for extension. The Miss America Organization will review the request and determine whether an extension is warranted. Consistent with the Code and the rules and regulations of the Community Foundation, the decision of the Miss America Organization shall be final and binding.


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