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Starter Scholarships for Local Programs


History of the Award

The Starter Scholarships were established by the Miss America Organization to encourage the development of new local programs throughout the country. National office has allocate up to $104,000 in scholarships to help in the development of up to 208 new locals. Each state will receive up to four $500 scholarships to help initiate and develop up to four new locals.


The Miss America Organization will forward the funds to the states once the state organization has verified that the local is bona fide.

Eligibility Requirements

All states are eligible to receive funding for each new local established until the maximum for each state has been reached.

Submission Requirements

Each state will receive an application. No other information is required.

Deadline for Submission

Local Program which was held (going to be held) between the period of January 1st through December 31st. Deadline for submissions is December 31st.

Disbursement of Funds

All funds must be used to provide scholarships for contestants. Disbursements will be handled by the state organization, and will be disbursed to the new locals on the condition that the scholarship funds received by the Miss America Organization be kept, by the state, in a special local scholarship fund bank account. States will disburse to the new locals from this account.

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