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Miss America Community Service Scholarships


History of the Award

This award is part of the Miss America Organization's endeavor to assist in the expansion of scholarship provision throughout the state and local programs. Each eligible state will receive a $1,000 scholarship for a contestant demonstrating exemplary community service initiatives.


This award will be administered exclusively by the Scholarship America. National office will notify the state executive director who can plan the award ceremony as part of his or her state pageant.

Eligibility Requirements

The Miss America Community Service Scholarships competition is only opened to those contestants competing at the state level. Each applicant must complete an application, along with a presentation 'package‘ containing required elements which illustrate their service. Applications and elements will be available through each state's executive director.


State executive directors must distribute information about the award to each contestant as soon as she wins her local title. Deadlines are established by Scholarship America for each individual state. Each deadline will provide for a substantial period of time preceding the state's competition. Any names submitted after deadlines will not be eligible.

Judging Criteria

Applicants must demonstrate that they have fulfilled a legitimate need in their community through the creation, development and/or participation in a community service project.

Announcement of Winners

Scholarship America will advise national office of winners in each state, and national office will advise the state in plenty of time to plan for an award presentation before or during each state's competition.

Disbursement of Funds

The scholarship will be paid to the winners by the Miss America Organization. Awards may be used as set forth in the scholarship rules and regulations of the National Office, but forfeit by the recipients' individual state programs.

Notes Concerning Duplicate Winners in Miss State Community Service Scholarships and Miss America Scholar

A contestant may not win both the Miss America Community Service Scholarships and the Miss America Scholar Award in her state. Top consideration will be given to the Miss America Community Service Award. If one contestant ranks highest for both awards, she will be selected as the winner of the Miss America Community Service Scholarships. The state program will pick the next-best scholar to be the recipient of the Miss America Scholar award.

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