2022 Miss North Carolina

Karolyn Martin

Miss North Carolina 2022

School: Appalachian State University’s Honors College

College Major: Communication Studies

Scholarship Winnings: $28,500

Scholastic Honors: Honors College Thesis – “The Digital Dilemma: A Case Study of Social Media’s Impact on Body Image” (2022)
University Honors (2022)
Departmental Honors (2022)
Diversity Scholar (2018-2022)
Whitney Elizabeth Hunter Memorial Scholar (2018-2022)

Career Ambition: To empower female leaders as a Business Lawyer.

Talent: Vocal Performance

Social Impact Initiative: Promoting nourishing habits while taking the focus off of weight and appearance.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? My Dad always says that we have to “adapt and overcome.” I have used this piece of advice in every area of my life. Adapting to the circumstances around us and learning how to be our best selves regardless of external challenges is essential for long-term success.