Miss America

Become a Candidate

Become a candidate

Each year, thousands of young women participate at the local, state and national levels, culminating in the selection of 51 national finalists who compete for the title of Miss America. One of them could be you!

To become Miss America, a candidate must first enter and win a local competition, and then compete to represent her state—a process requiring hard work, talent and personal commitment. As a state titleholder, a candidate may only compete once at the national Miss America Competition.

Why enter? Because you can…

  • Gain valuable experience and develop life skills (e.g. interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social interaction, etc.)
  • Earn quality scholarship funds for college and graduate school, regardless of whether a title is won
  • Find new interests and discover new opportunities
  • Make lifelong friendships and relationships
  • Learn to set goals, follow them through and exceed your expectations
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for helping others
  • Foster a positive, self-motivated mindset to achieve your goals
  • Receive recognition for your efforts in bettering yourself and your community

Where to start

To become a candidate, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 17 and 25
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Meet residency requirements for competing in a certain city or state
  • Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization
  • Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements
  • Be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local, state and national competition(s) in which you compete

For more information on becoming a candidate, click here. Get started today!

State Contact Information

Miss Alabama Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: nanjten@aol.com
E-mail Contact: Nan Teninbaum
Web Site: http://www.missalabama.com
Executive Director: Nan Tenimbaum

State Competition

City: Birmingham
Location: Samford University Wright Center
Date: 6/8/2019

Miss Alaska Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

E-mail Address: missalaskapageant@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Bonnie Faulk
Web Site: http://www.missalaskapageant.com
Executive Director: Margo Bliss

State Competition

City: Anchorage
Location: University of Alaska
Date: 5/31/2019

Miss Arizona Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

E-mail Address: info@missarizona.org
E-mail Contact: Stacey Kole
Web Site: http://www.missarizona.org
Executive Director: Stacey Kole

Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: info@missarkansas.org
E-mail Contact: Kelly Bales
Web Site: http://www.missarkansas.org
Executive Director: Kelly Bales

Miss California Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: info@misscalifornia.org
E-mail Contact: Lt Col Patricia Murray
Web Site: http://www.misscalifornia.org
Executive Director: Lt Col Patricia Murray

Miss Colorado Organization

E-mail Address: mette@misscolorado.com & mark@misscolorado.com
E-mail Contact: Mette Castor & Mark Hinson
Web Site: www.misscolorado.com
Executive Director: Mette Castor & Mark Hinson

Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: nakiyatroth@yahoo.com
E-mail Contact: Nakiya Troth
Web Site: http://www.missctamerica.org
Executive Director: Nakiya Troth

Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: traceyeng1963@gmail.com and gwleejr@aol.com
E-mail Contact: Tracey Eng & George Lee
Web Site: http://www.missde.org
Executive Directors: George Lee & Tracey Eng

Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: MissDCAmerica@aol.com
E-mail Contact: Tricia Morrin Lloyd
Web Site: http://missdc.org
Executive Director: Tricia Morrin Lloyd

Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: jkeithwilliams.2010@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Keith Williams
Web Site: http://www.missflorida.org
Executive Director: Keith Williams

Miss Georgia Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: trinaspruitt@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Trina Pruitt
Web Site: www.missgeorgia.net
State Executive Director: Trina Pruitt

Miss Hawaii Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: info@misshawaii.org
E-mail Contact: Ryan Brown
Web Site: http://www.misshawaii.org
Executive Director: Ryan Brown

Miss Idaho Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: missidahoboard@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Christi van Ravenhorst
Web Site: http://www.missidaho.org
Executive Director: Christi van Ravenhorst

Miss Illinois Scholarship Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: exec.dir@missillinois.org
E-mail Contact: Ashley Hatfield
Web Site: http://www.missillinois.org
Executive Director: Ashley Hatfield

Miss Indiana Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: missin@missindianapageant.com
E-mail Contact: Aren Straiger
Web Site: http://www.missindianapageant.com
Executive Director: Aren Straiger

Miss Iowa Scholarship Management Corporation

E-mail Address: executivedirector@missiowa.com
E-mail Contact: Leslie Moore
Web Site: http://www.missiowa.com
Executive Director: Leslie Moore

Miss Kansas Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: stephanieharrismko@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Stephanie Harris
Web Site: http://www.misskansas.org
Executive Director: Stephanie Harris

Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: misskentuckypageant@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Ashley Anderson
Web Site: http://www.misskentuckypageant.com
Executive Director: Ashley Anderson

Miss Louisiana Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: dewanalittle@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Dewana Little
Web Site: http://www.misslouisiana.com
Executive Director: Dewana Little

Miss Maine Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: execdirector@missmaine.org
E-mail Contact: Sarah Nadeau-Balducci
Web Site: http://www.missmaine.org
Executive Director: Sarah Nadeau-Balducci

Miss Maryland Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: srush@allconet.org
E-mail Contact: Sherry Rush
Web Site: http://missmd.org/
Executive Director: Sherry Rush

Miss Massachusetts Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

E-mail Address: dancgym@aol.com
E-mail Contact: Dolores “Buffy” Rabuffo
Web Site: http://www.missmass.org
Executive Director: Dolores “Buffy” Rabuffo

Miss Michigan Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: mmdirector@missmichigan.org
E-mail Contact: Shari Graham
Web Site: http://www.missmichigan.org
Executive Director: Paula DeWall

Miss Minnesota Scholarship Program

E-mail Address: kathyshellum@missminnesota.org
E-mail Contact: Kathy Shellum
Web Site: http://www.missminnesota.org
Executive Director: Kathy Shellum

Miss Mississippi Corporation

E-mail Address: missmisspageant@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Miss Mississippi Corporation
Web Site: https://missmississippipageant.com/
Executive Director: W. David Blackledge

Miss Missouri Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: office@missmissouri.org
E-mail Contact: Anne Williams
Web Site: http://www.missmissouri.org
Executive Director: Anne Williams

Miss Montana Scholarship Program

E-mail Address: info@missamerica.org
E-mail Contact: TBD
Web Site: http://www.missmontana.com
Executive Director: TBD

Miss Nebraska Scholarship Program, Inc.

Email: info@missnebraska.org

Email Contact: Megan Doughty and Chris Tooley

Web Site: www.missnebraska.org

Co-Executive Directors: Megan Doughty and Chris Tooley

Miss Nevada Scholarship Program

Brooke Allen-Burnstein, PhD – brooke@missnevada.org
Jillian Helget – jillian@missnevada.org
Executive Director: Brooke Allen-Burnstein and Jillian Helget

Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: co-ed@missnh.org
E-mail Contact: Bill Haggerty
Web Site: http://www.missnh.org
Co-Executive Directors: Bill Haggerty, Claudette Jolin & Lynne Ulaky

Miss New Jersey Education Foundation

E-mail Address: david@holtzmangallery.com
E-mail Contact: David Holtzman
Web Site: http://www.missnewjersey.net
Executive Director: David Holtzman

Miss New Mexico Scholarship Program

E-mail Address: missnewmexico@yahoo.com
E-mail Contact: Rhonda Haynes
Web Site: http://www.missnewmexico.org
Executive Director: Rhonda Haynes

Miss New York Organization

E-mail Address: info@missamerica.org
E-mail Contact: State License Available
Web Site: State License Available
Executive Director: State License Available

Miss North Carolina Pageant Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: bethknox@missnc.org
E-mail Contact: Beth Knox
Web Site: http://www.missnc.org
Executive Director: Beth Knox

Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: Kathrynkkj@hotmail.com
E-mail Contact: Kathy Jones
Web Site: http://www.missnorthdakota.org/
Executive Director: Kathy Jones

Miss Ohio Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: ed@missohio.org
E-mail Contact: Steven Oliveri
Web Site: http://www.missohio.org
Executive Director: Steven Oliveri

Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant, Inc.

E-mail Address: mop8908@aol.com
E-mail Contact: Kay Alexander
Web Site: http://www.missoklahoma.org
Executive Director: Kay Alexander

Miss Oregon Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: directors@missoregon.org
E-mail Contact: Teri Leeper Taylor
Web Site: http://www.missoregon.org
Executive Director: Teri Leeper Taylor

Miss PA Scholarship Foundation Inc.

E-mail Address: debbiebutcher@yorklinks.net
E-mail Contact: Debbie Butcher
Web Site: Pending
Executive Director: Debbie Butcher

Miss Rhode Island Scholarship Program, Inc.

E-mail Address: debidiorio@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Debi D’Iorio
Web Site: http://www.missri.org
Executive Director: Debi D’Iorio

Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: info@miss-sc.org
E-mail Contact: Erin Gambrell and Chaz Ellis
Web Site: http://www.miss-sc.org
Executive Directors: Erin Gambrell and Chaz Ellis

Miss South Dakota Scholarship Foundation

E-mail Address: september.kirby@misssd.org
E-mail Contact: September Kirby
Web Site: http://www.misssd.org
Executive Director: September Kirby & Carol Nesbitt

Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition, Inc.

E-mail Address: colene.trent@misstennessee.org
E-mail Contact: Colene Trent
Web Site: www.MissTennessee.org
Executive Director: Colene Trent

Miss Texas Organization

E-mail Address: info@misstexas.org
E-mail Contact: Jan Mitchell
Web Site: http://www.misstexas.org
Executive Director: Jan Mitchell

Miss Utah Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: utahscholarshipfoundation@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Carly Condie
Web Site: http://www.missutahpageant.org
Executive Director: Carly Condie

Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: executivedirector@missvermont.org
E-mail Contact: Barbara Wilkinson
Web Site: http://www.missvermont.org
Executive Director: Barbara Wilkinson

Miss Virginia Organization, Inc.

E-mail Address: mcgravely@missva.org
E-mail Contact: MC Gravely
Web Site: http://www.missva.com
Executive Director: MC Gravely

Miss Washington Scholarship Organization

E-mail Address: peggy@misswashington.org
E-mail Contact: Peggy Miller
Web Site: http://www.misswashington.org
Executive Director: Peggy Miller

Miss West Virginia Organization

E-mail Address: shelleynicholsfranklin@gmail.com
E-mail Contact: Shelley Nichols Franklin
Web Site: Pending
Executive Director: Shelley Nichols Franklin

Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

E-mail Address: directors@misswisconsin.com
E-mail Contact: Jeanne Schmal
Web Site: http://www.misswisconsin.com
Executive Director: Jeanne Schmal

Miss Wyoming Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

E-mail Address: chele@misswy.org
E-mail Contact: Chele Schamber
Web Site: http://www.misswyoming.com
Executive Director: Chele Schamber