Sara Zeng

Florida 2017

Sara Zeng

Miss Florida 2017

Age: 22

Hometown: Palm Coast, Florida

Platform Issue: Music Matters!

Talent: Classical Piano

College Major: Music Education

Scholastic Ambition: Obtain a Master of Music Education and Master of Music Therapy.

Secret Wish or Dream: To play keyboard for a world-famous artist like Beyoncé.

My Proud Accomplishment: I was able to help keep music alive by obtaining a donation for musical instruments to a Title 1 school in Florida. This allowed economically-disadvantaged youth access to the many benefits of a music education.

Bio: An Alpha Chi Omega and recent graduate of Florida State University, Sara received her Bachelor of Music Education and has a passion for teaching Elementary students. She began playing the piano at the age of 5 and music has since been a driving force in her life, inspiring her to spread the gift of music through her platform, Music Matters! Sara hopes to show others that music opens the mind of a child in extraordinary ways and that all students deserve the opportunity to experience the joy of music as a fundamental part of their education.