Emily Sioma

Michigan 2018

Emily Sioma

State:  Michigan

School: University of Michigan

College Major: Women’s Studies

Scholarship Winnings: $22,500

Social Impact Initiative: “I Believe You” – Supporting survivors of sexual violence

Miss America empowered me to: be proud, confident, and unapologetically myself. This organization has empowered me to no longer feel as though I must apologize for being the strong, bold, empowered woman that I am. It is through this organization that we can show women that they deserve to be celebrated for everything that they are. Our bodies, voices, minds, and stories are valid, valuable, and worthy of respect. I hope that through this next year I can encourage women to love themselves just as they love others and to come together to celebrate both our similarities and differences. The women involved in the Miss America Organization teach us that when empowered women empower others, marvelous growth can happen.

Bio: Emily was born and raised in Grass Lake, Michigan and is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Women’s Studies. After exiting the Miss America Organization thinking she was finished competing, a friend told her that she dreamt that she (Emily) would win Miss Michigan, and it inspired her to give it one last shot. She took this final opportunity competing to create her platform, “I Believe You” to empower survivors of sexual violence, like herself. Outside of the Miss America Organization, she enjoys spends her free time thrift shopping, sewing, and playing with her Aussie, Violet.

Photo credit: Yachin Parham