Ashley Alyssa Fresquez

New Mexico 2018

Ashley Alyssa Fresquez

State: New Mexico

School: The University of New Mexico (currently attending)

College Major: Communications

Scholarship Winnings: $15,000

Social Impact Initiative: “Life is Why”: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Miss America empowered me to: partner with the American Heart Association. I have been on the New Mexico Advocacy Board for 5 consecutive years. In an effort to improve policies and procedures to save lives in the state of New Mexico, I joined forces with the Grass Roots director and Southwest Chapter Gov. Relations Director of the AHA. I have impacted New Mexico by passing laws that create a healthy change and I aspire to do the same on a national level.

Bio: Ashley Alyssa Fresquez, Miss New Mexico is state advocacy member, and an advocate for the American Heart Association. Her personal mission is to take action, create change, and execute a heart healthy framework for New Mexico. She completed humanitarian work in Equador, South America—from volunteering with the homeless, as a teenager to most recently lobbying for the AHA in Washington, D.C. Ashley is creating awareness for heart disease and has created a social impact on her community. These are the steps taken to prepare me for the job of Miss America.

Photo credit: Yachin Parham