2022 Miss Alaska

Jessica Reisinger

Miss Alaska 2022

School: University of Alaska Anchorage (Undergraduate), University of Washington School of Medicine (Graduate, MD)

College Major: Undergraduate: Chemistry

Scholarship Winnings: $3,700

Scholastic Honors: Undergraduate: Magna Cum Laude, Honors College Graduate, Leadership Honors, Honors in Chemistry, Spring 2021 Commencement Speaker
Graduate: Medical Student Association President, UWSOM Service Award

Career Ambition: Alaskan physician working with underserved populations.

Talent: Acrobatic Dance

Social Impact Initiative: Raising awareness to the epidemic of sexual assault in the United States and creating better access to medical resources for survivors such as crisis counseling and sexual assault response teams (SARTs).

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? I had a really hard time my first year of medical school. A mentor of mine, Dr. Leinicke, told me that I was making a choice to pursue this career every day that I showed up to class and that I could walk away at any time. Hearing that was the first time I felt like pursing medicine was my choice, rather than something I was trapped into doing because it was too late to change my mind. It solidified how much I truly want to be a physician and confirmed I was on the right path.