The Role of a Brand Ambassador

The Role of Our Brand Ambassadors

Miss America and Miss America’s Teen are the celebrity representatives of Miss America brand, which has a storied 100+ year history, and is an iconic brand that is ‘Made in America’. Each year, our Miss America and our Miss America’s Teen is selected from the official State Delegates who represent each state organization along with the District of Columbia, currently 51 exceptional young women between  18-28 years of age for ‘Miss’ and between 14-18 years of age for ‘Teen’.

The role of our brand ambassadors is an exciting, fun, challenging year of service that requires energy, positivity, professionalism and courtesy.  Each uses her term to inspire, promote, engage and represent woman in her demographic across America and their respective ambitions, goals, dreams and visions of their respective futures.

A first step to continuing her education and career, a brand ambassadorship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that carries with it prestige, influence, responsibility and great honor.  Follow Miss America and Miss America’s Teen on all social platforms @MissAmerica @MissAmericasTeen or our YouTube @missamericaofficial and join in the excitement of the year of competitions ahead!

What does a Brand Ambassador do?
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