HER Story™

HER Story ™
Using a 90-Second Story to Inspire, Captivate & Entertain on Stage

Future Builder

The Miss America Organization is one of the nation’s largest providers of scholarship assistance to young women.
That’s our story, but what is YOUR educational story?

Difference Maker

Miss America & Miss America’s Teen competitors annually contribute tens of thousands of hours of community service through the Community Service Initiative, which is a component of our competition story.  What is your community service focus and why? Personal experiences that led to passionate community service are stories worth sharing.

Voice Lifter

The Miss America and Miss America’s Teen Competitions have served as a platform to amplify women’s voices during times in our country’s history when they have been needed most.  Sharing the most authentic and poignant stories of women IN history and women now making history, this is all part of HER Story™. The story IS the talent.

Icon Creator

Named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten pieces of true Americana remaining in our country today, the Miss America and Miss America’s Teen program is as iconic as it gets, with over 102 years of history of breaking barriers and glass ceilings. Leaving a legacy is for everyone, what do you want your legacy to be?

Course Shifter

The Miss America & Miss America’s Teen programs have promoted education at a time when preparing women for the slowly evolving workforce was crucial.  Our mission is to continue to empower women to LEAD with style, service, scholarship and success, all on a foundation of ‘sisterhood’. What is your course correction story?

Cause Supporter

Miss America and Miss America’s Teen competitors have been fearless advocates for hundreds of causes from health & wellness initiatives, suicide awareness, inclusivity, civil rights and much more. What causes are important to you? What is your ’cause’ and where are you going with it?

Share With Us

We’re looking for powerful stories with emotional connection to the audience, that move people and inspire others to join us in our ongoing mission to empower young women.

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