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Miss America Teen


$1.5 million and counting

Just like Miss America, Miss America Teen is first and foremost a scholarship program. Since its founding in 2005, Miss America Teen has paid nearly $1.5 million in cash scholarships for young women to over 200 colleges and universities across the nation. Tuition waivers have also been granted to program participants by dozens of institutions. We are grateful to the generous colleges and universities who provided scholarships to the candidates in the 2023 Miss America Teen National Competition.

These scholarships are not just for the handful of young women who become Miss America Teen, but are available to thousands of young women who compete at local, state, and national competitions as well.

We believe that education is key to success, and the Miss America Organization is proud to be able to assist so many outstanding teens pursue their educational dreams.


Miss America Teen scholarship rules and regulations can be found here.

Request your scholarships

In order to use your scholarships earned through the Miss America Teen program, please read the instructions below carefully. We have a strict scholarship administration process in place to ensure funds are used properly. Please note that there are two ways to submit your request depending on whether your scholarships were awarded before September 2020 or after. Please select the appropriate link below to submit your request.

If you have any questions about scholarships earned since September 2020, please contact Lani LiCalzi at the Miss America Foundation. If you have questions about scholarships awarded prior to September 2020, please contact Donna Bozarth.

Request scholarships earned since September 2020

If you earned scholarships through the Miss America Teen program from September 2020 through the present, please read the Welcome Letter below and follow the instructions to submit your request to the Miss America Foundation.

  1. Read this Welcome Letter
  2. Download this Scholarship Application Form
  3. Submit your completed application and all supporting documents to Lani LiCalzi at the Miss America Foundation.

Request scholarships earned 2005 through August 2020

If you were awarded a scholarship in the MAOTeen program prior to 9/1/2020, please download the Scholarship Request Form and follow instructions at the top of the document to submit your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I begin the Application Process?

The application process MUST begin within one (1) year of the candidates High School Graduation. MAOTeen uses the universal date of May 31st of your graduation year.

Is there an extension option if I am unable to apply my scholarship during the first year?

There is only one (1) extension opportunity for candidates within the Miss America Scholarship Program System at the National MAOTeen and Miss levels. This is the Community Service Extension Program. This extension is for candidates who have made a commitment to pursue unpaid, community service full-time for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years. For information on the Community Service Extension Program contact your State Executive Director/Teen Director or The Miss America Foundation.

Can I request reimbursement if I have already paid my college expenses?

All scholarship awards are paid directly to the College, University or Financial Institution on behalf of the candidate. Candidates are not directly reimbursed for eligible expenses. It is recommended that candidates begin the process of applying for an award at least 45 days prior to the payment due date to ensure timely payments can be made on behalf of the candidate.

Can I request payment for prior semester expenses?

NO, all requests for payment must be made during the current semester with a receipt dated within the 45 days of the request to be eligible.

If I have enough scholarships to cover my college expenses, can I request that my MAOTeen Scholarship be paid directly to me?

NO, MAOTeen Scholarships are only payable for college expenses as described in the MAOTeen Rules & Regulations. Each candidate is required to review, acknowledge receipt of, sign, and have parent/guardian signature of the Scholarship Rules & Regulations prior to competing at the National level.

If my tuition statement reflects a “zero balance,” can my scholarship still be sent to my school so they can reimburse me?

NO, scholarship payments can only be made to tuition statements that have a current balance.

What do I do if I change schools?

You must change the school in your online application to identify the change and provide updated documentation that you are enrolled in the new school, inclusive of eligible hours you are registered with the new school.

If I begin the application process and decide to withdraw from school, what happens to my scholarship?

Scholarships are paid per semester only. You must submit a current tuition statement (within 45 days of receipt of the statement) showing a balance due for each semester. If a candidate withdraws prior to the withdrawal date, and your scholarship has been received by the College or University, the College or University will be required to refund the scholarship to The Miss America Foundation.

I need a laptop computer for my College or University classes. Will my scholarship cover the cost of a laptop?

A request for a laptop or musical instrument will be considered for reimbursement provided it is a requirement of the course work. Please reference your signed Rules & Regulations for specific requirements for laptops and/or musical instruments. If eligible MAF pays a maximum amount and only a one-time purchase is allowed.

If I order textbooks from some other place other than the school bookstore, will my scholarship pay for those books?

Books purchased at the school bookstore are covered by your scholarship and arrangements should be made with the bookstore to send the invoice directly to the Miss America Foundation for payment. It is the candidates responsibility to ensure that the invoice is provided, that MAF is notified, and that all required documents are presented to MAF for processing within the day window as outlined in the MAOTeen Rules and Regulations. There are select non-school based, not for profit textbook outlets that MAF may have approval to pay directly. Please contact MAF in the event you may wish to purchase books from a non-school based outlet.

Does my scholarship cover room and board?

YES, if you are a full-time student, living on campus housing and utilizing an on-campus meal plan, your scholarship is eligible to cover room and board. A full-time student is considered 12 credit hours or more to be eligible for room and board coverage.

Are there any circumstances where the Miss America Teen Scholarship can be paid directly to me, even if I do not need it for college?

Absolutely not. Miss America Teen Scholarship Awards are for the payment of educational expenses as described in the Rules & Regulations that were provided to, acknowledged, and signed by all delegates and their parent/guardian prior to competing at the national level.

In-Kind Scholarship Partners

We are grateful to our generous college and university partners who help us provide access to higher education to young women in the Miss America Teen program.