2022 Miss Connecticut

Sylvana Maria González

Miss Connecticut 2022

School: Planning to attend Brown University and the New York Film Academy

College Major: Intended Major: Bachelor of Arts in Humanities Master of Fine Arts in Film & Media Production Concentration in Cultural & Social Impact

Scholarship Winnings: $12,900

Scholastic Honors: General Education and Culinary Arts Graduate
Class President and Senate Leader (CTTHSA) Student Congress
Honoree, Connecticut Heart of the Arts
Scholarship Recipient, American Savings Foundation

Career Ambition: Nonprofit Director and Founder, Author and Film Director

Talent: Latin Dance

Social Impact Initiative: We cast a light on the many faces of abuse and through education and compassion, help people become trauma informed to see the patterns that exist in intergenerational abuse so they can “Protege tu Paz” and be the change in their family’s lineage.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Something I often take into consideration while watching my nieces grow is my late Abuela Ana’s words “Children are like sponges, don’t make a mess you wouldn’t want them to clean.” As a lifelong educator, sister of 17 and mother of 7, I held onto her words to remind me of the impact we have on the children in our lives.