2022 Miss Nevada

Heather Renner

Miss Nevada 2022

School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

College Major: Theater (Stage and Screen Acting) Major, double Minor in Political Science and Voice Performance

Scholarship Winnings: $23,500

Scholastic Honors: -4.0 GPA at UNLV
-Recipient of:
-Provost’s Scholarship for scholastic achievement
-Honors College Scholarship
-Devos Fine Arts Scholarship for outstanding theater participation
-UNLV’s Got Talent Winner Scholarship
-Fine Arts Dean’s Scholarship
-Millennium Scholarship
-Graduated from High School with an Honors Diploma and a 4.82 GPA

Career Ambition: Performing Artist with a focus on Musical Theater and Opera

Talent: Operatic Vocal

Social Impact Initiative: My performing arts program empowers kids with the confidence to break out of their shells and take center stage!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? My mom taught me that I have no choice but to pursue the career that sets my heart on fire, even if that career is full of uncertainty. She inspired my love for performing and can’t wait for me to become a famous entertainer so she can get free front-row seats!