2022 Miss New York

Taryn Delanie Smith

Miss New York 2022

School: Saint John’s University

College Major: Masters of Science; International Communication & Intercultural Studies

Scholarship Winnings: $20,000

Scholastic Honors: Cum Laude Graduate (Bachelors of Science)
Summa Cum Laude Graduate (Masters of Science)
Certificate of Academic Excellence

Career Ambition: Write and host a weekly segment on Good Morning America as a media personality. Establish and run a non-profit that works to support women experiencing homelessness.

Talent: Vocal

Social Impact Initiative: For six years, I have worked to promote within communities volunteerism, donation and the support of local shelters and the variety of programs they provide. This, paired with continued advocacy for compassionate legislation, as well as increased federal funding for rental assistance, and homelessness grants are necessary actions to change the way we address housing insecurity in America.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? I was intensely bullied growing up. I used to tell my mother how much I wished I were “beautiful.” I’ll never forget, she’d say, “You are beautiful. But it’s important you recognize that it’s the single most uninteresting, thing about you.” Society seeks to condition girls to believe being pretty is a priority, it’s not. Be smart, be strong, be kind. Be you.