2022 Miss Wisconsin

Grace Stanke

Miss Wisconsin 2022

School: University of Wisconsin – Madison

College Major: Nuclear Engineering

Scholarship Winnings: $16,400

Scholastic Honors: Dean’s Honor List Recipient;
Dean’s Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship; Graduated from high school at age 17 with the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree through dual enrollment courses at local college

Career Ambition: To produce efficient, clean, zero-carbon energy for America through nuclear energy in a core design position.

Talent: Violin

Social Impact Initiative: America needs to convert to zero-carbon energy sources, and I’m helping to make that happen by breaking down misconceptions surrounding our most powerful source of zero-carbon energy: nuclear power. I advocate for nuclear power & improved communication about nuclear science with both the general public and nuclear engineers to bridge the gap of the unknown between the two groups of people.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? “Impunctuality breeds disorganization” is a phrase I grew up with, thanks to my dad. In Wisconsin, we’ve always believed in what is called “Lombardi time,” which is if you are ten minutes early, you are on time. If not, you are late. My dad reinforced this with his bumper sticker phrase, and it lives with me to this day as I believe that being on time is the one of the best ways to show respect!