Taylor Lance

Idaho 2017

Taylor Lance

Miss Idaho 2017

Age: 23

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Platform Issue: Becoming the Solution: Your Role in Childhood Obesity Prevention

Talent: Vocal

College Major: Health Education and Promotion

Scholastic Ambition: To earn a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Adult Leadership.

I’m Motivated By: Always finding the good. Whether in a situation or a person, I believe that finding the good, creates good.

If I am crowned Miss America: I believe Miss America should be a role model who makes everybody feel like somebody. I value the importance of an individual’s journey and one-of-a-kind purpose and the most important thing Miss America can do is help others embrace that. I hope those who look up to Miss America do so because she is being the best version of herself and using that to serve others.

Bio: Taylor has never been one to stand still. Her work ethic and passion to explore have brought her many adventures from leadership to singing. As a Certified Health Education Specialist, she hopes to use her platform, “Becoming the Solution,” to make a difference in the health of families nationwide by informing adults about childhood obesity and its causes. She believes in motivating others to be their best self, discovering their unique purpose, and seeking all opportunities to be an authentic role model as Miss America.