Haley Begay

Indiana 2017

Haley Begay

Miss Indiana 2017

Age: 19

Hometown: Pittsboro, Indiana

Platform Issue: Don’t Silence the Violence: A Voice for Children of Domestic Violence

Talent: Vocal

College Major: Journalism and Spanish

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Masters in Journalism and Spanish

Secret Wish or Dream: To own an alpaca farm in the south

My Defining Moment: As a preteen, I was always anxious and I thought I would always be the nervous girl in class with OCD. When watched Miss America for the first time in 2011, I saw that Teresa Scanlan was only 17 when she was crowned. I decided to distract my OCD by striving to become a titleholder at an early age, just like Teresa.

Bio: After time spent volunteering with abused children, it is difficult to imagine how someone could hurt them, not only physically but verbally. It is Haley’s goal to spread awareness about domestic violence and educate children on how to settle disagreements without physical violence. Through the charity she founded, “Domestic Dollars,” and the two children’s programs she has created, Haley plans to make a difference by ensuring violence will no longer be silenced.