Molly Matney

Kentucky 2017

Molly Matney

Miss Kentucky 2017

Age: 20

Hometown: Center, Kentucky

Platform Issue: Farm Fit

Talent: Vocal – “He Taught Me to Yodel”

College Major: Agriculture

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a bachelor’s degree in agriculture.

Secret Wish or Dream: To become a recipe taste tester for the Food Network.

My Motivation: I am motivated by seeing my Dad’s diligence when it comes to physical activity. Rarely does a day go by that he doesn’t run for miles and miles at a time!

Bio: Growing up on a beef cattle farm in rural Kentucky, Molly was given a passion for agriculture at an early age. As Miss Kentucky, she is employed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to promote the importance of buying healthy, fresh foods from farmer’s markets across her state. Speaking to children about where their food comes from is her passion! As Miss America, she wants to inspire others to live a lifestyle that is unbelievably full, healthy, and wholesome. She has so much to give and is ecstatic to give back to our great nation.