Suzi Roberts

South Carolina 2017

Suzi Roberts

Miss South Carolina 2017

Age: 24

Hometown: Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Platform Issue: Children’s Advocacy: Ensuring the Rights of Every Child

Talent: Dance

College Major: Public Relations and Political Science

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Juris Doctor with a Children’s Law Specialty.

Secret Wish or Dream: To explore an Ancient Pyramid in Egypt, and successfully dodge all of the booby traps!

My Proud Accomplishment: Testifying before the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee was incredibly empowering because I was able to put everything I’ve learned through service into context in order to effect positive change for the children of my state.

Bio: After moving away from home at 12 years old to train with prestigious ballet companies, Suzi was the American representative at several international ballet competitions. In college she traded in pointe shoes for poms, dancing on her college dance team and then as an NFL cheerleader. Suzi’s life mission is protecting the rights and well-being of American children. She serves as a Guardian ad Litem, is active in her state’s legislative process, and is committed to the University of South Carolina Law’s Children’s Law Specialty program. Suzi aspires to become an attorney and policymaker with a focus on children’s issues.