Erin Connor

Vermont 2017

Erin Connor

Miss Vermont 2017

Age: 22

Hometown: Bridport, Vermont

Platform Issue: Tailwinds: Training a New Generation of Women Scientists

Talent: American Sign Language

College Major: Communications

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Master’s degree in communications

My Motivation: I surround myself with strong women who inspire me; whether reading about Amelia Earhart or witnessing the strength of my mom, and I use them as my role models.

My Defining Moment: I completed my cross-country solo flight at 17 years old in a single engine 152-Cessna airplane. I knew that the aircraft would only respond with the amount of skill I put in, so I challenged myself to train hard. When I landed back at home base after a day of flying alone, I knew I was on my way to becoming an exceptional pilot.

Bio: At 16, Erin became the youngest woman enrolled in her aviation school. Her apprehension to fly as the youngest student, and only woman, almost cost her dream of flying. Erin’s goal as Miss America is to ensure that no girl stalls her own dreams from perceived fears of gender limitations. That is why she created Tailwinds, a program that targets adolescents with flight camp and interactive aviation career lessons. Together, Miss America and Tailwinds can expand the organization’s reach and promotion of STEM, while Erin continues to share the legacy of the strong women that came before her. Erin believes in the power of each young person to identify a dream and to achieve it.