Allison Kathleen Farris

District of Columbia 2018

Allison Kathleen Farris

State: District of Columbia

School: The University of Alabama

College Major: Master of Science Enterprise Integration

Scholarship Winnings: $22,000

Social Impact Initiative: Women in Technology

Miss America empowered me to: spark passion in young girls who want to break the male-dominated trend in STEM careers

Bio: Allison Farris is a software developer at Microsoft, where she creates and codes apps for U.S. Government Agencies. Growing up as a classical pianist, it was music that led her to technology. She received a Master of Science in Enterprise Integration at the University of Alabama. Realizing she could blend her love of the arts with her passion as an advocate for women in technology brought her to compete in the Miss America program. Her journey through a male-dominated field drives her to engage girls in conversations about STEM, depict women in STEM, and expose all students to computer science.

Photo credit: Yachin Parham