Annie Jorgensen

Georgia 2018

Annie Jorgensen

State:  Georgia

School: University of Georgia

College Major: Journalism

Scholarship Winnings: $21,000

Social Impact Initiative: Patch of Confidence #IGotThis

Miss America empowered me to: build a confident community, so the response to every challenge is #IGotThis!

Bio: Annie is a graduate of The University of Georgia Honors Program who earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and minored in communication studies. She developed the #IGotThis program and workbook to encourage people to find their confidence through building relationships, serving others, loving to learn, and setting goals. She’s partnered with the Girl Scouts of America and created a patch program where all 1.8 million scouts nationwide can earn their confidence patch while they determine what makes them feel confident. Annie’s goal is for all people to respond to any challenge by saying, “I got this!”

Photo credit: Yachin Parham