Hannah Leigh Klaassen

Kansas 2018

Hannah Leigh Klaassen

State:  Kansas

School: Tabor College

College Major: Psychology

Scholarship Winnings: 11,100

Social Impact Initiative: The Mind Matters

Miss America empowered me to: Miss America empowered me to bring hope to those struggling with mental illness.

Bio: After experiencing a friend’s anxiety and depression, her grandmother’s bipolar disorder, and panic attacks of her own, Hannah became an advocate for people with mental illnesses. She has partnered with local, state and national organizations to help erase the stigma surrounding mental disorders, while encouraging holistic health treatments and providing knowledge of available mental health resources. Hannah has also helped educate others on preventative care and how to recognize/help when someone is in crisis. Hope is never truly lost, and Hannah longs to bring hope and joy to others through her work with “The Mind Matters.”

Photo credit: Yachin Parham