Olivia Nicole Mayo

Maine 2018

Olivia Nicole Mayo

State:  Maine

School: University of Southern Maine

College Major: Communications/Media Studies

Scholarship Winnings: $6,000

Social Impact Initiative: My personal social impact statement, is “Love Doesn’t Hurt”. My goal is to continue to raise funds and awareness to put an end to Domestic Violence in Maine and nationwide.

Miss America empowered me to: become a role model, grow as a leader and further my education. I want the opportunity to be an advocate for those in need, raise awareness and funds for both my personal platform and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I am empowered and capable to make a positive impact on my state, nation and myself.

Bio: Olivia was born and raised in a small town in Maine of less than 2,000! The “small town” atmosphere that she grew up in is what rooted her values in making genuine connections and helping anyone who crosses her path. She has been extremely active in the Theatre community across her state, non-profit organizations and many sorts of extracurricular activities. She is thankful for the values that she has learned from her small community, and is now actively using those attributes to promote her social impact and to begin making a difference on a national level.

Photo credit: Yachin Parham