Julia Anderson Crane

Vermont 2018

Julia Anderson Crane

State: Vermont

School: University of Vermont Graduate College

College Major: Public Health

Scholarship Winnings: $11,750

Social Impact Initiative: Be A Hero: Be An Organ Donor

Miss America empowered me to: obtain my (first) Master’s Degree at the age of 22!

Bio: Julia is a 23 year old Vermont native who competed for five consecutive years before being awarded the job of Miss Vermont. Every year, Julia had the ability to continue to grow her social impact initiative entitled, “Be a Hero: Be An Organ Donor,” inspired by her best friend Courtney, who needs a double lung transplant. Through the Miss America Program, Julia has gained the confidence to achieve academic dreams she once didn’t think possible, enhance her speaking skills, believe in herself, and is now ready to empower others through the job of Miss America.

Photo credit: Yachin Parham