Tyreek Moore

Tyreek Moore

Entrepreneur/Speaker/Executive Coach

Tyreek has over 20 years of management and business experience in both public and private sectors. He supports corporate executives, athletes, school leaders and government staff in maximizing potential by removing internal and external barriers that exist. As an executive coach he believes when everyone is holding themselves accountable, and an entire organization is in alignment, the results are profound and extraordinary.

Tyreek has been an entrepreneur and a trailblazer since 2006.  His firms have provided resources to  private, nonprofit and educational institutions.  He has always been driven by a deep desire to help people live inspired and fulfilled lives.  Tyreek has been passionate about closing the equity gap for the greater part of his life. Growing up in the poorest county in the New York State, the Bronx, he’s personally witnessed the devastation that inequality and inequity can level on a community and its individuals. As an adult it became a passion of his to be active in being part of the solution to this problem. To that extent, he set forth on a path to invest in people.  He served as the Chief Operating Officer to one of the largest non-network charter schools in New York State in an effort to provide superior educational access to underprivileged children.  As a professor at Monroe College (Bronx Campus), he has taught courses in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Principles of Management, Sports Management and more.

Tyreek earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Boston University and his Master of Education degree from Harvard University. Tyreek has led leadership workshops for clients such as Live Nation, Crum and Forster, Mantech, Def Jam Records, Campowerment and New York City Charter Schools.

He believes happiness trumps all things in life. A positive perspective and dedication to embracing the journey more than the destination, is paramount to achieving fulfillment.